Public Relations Programs

PR encompasses everything you do to disseminate information in support of your advertising and marketing strategies. It provides meaningful exposure for significant events, milestones and promotional activities, in a cost-effective effort to drive revenue for your business. Combined with advertising and marketing, PR is often the least expensive and most direct way for your company or organization to reach current and potential customers.

The strategic planning behind Atlas PR programs is that much of what your company or organization does is newsworthy, and that the consistent dissemination of information creates accessibility and transparency, both of which increase your customer base and inspire its trust and loyalty. Our PR programs help to bolster and enhance your brand’s position in a crowded marketplace.

Our Press Releases

A press release is one of the core tools of any PR program: it serves as an announcement, an invitation and, in some cases, the foundation of a bylined article or profile about your company or organization. Atlas press releases are clean, dense with information and forceful. We cover who, what, why, where, when and how: we do it with clear, elegant prose that communicates your key messages, and we try to do it in less than two pages (500 words). Our format is simple:

  • complete contact information
  • headline
  • sub-headline (at least one, no more than two)
  • introductory paragraph (restates the headline and sub-headline)
  • one or two body paragraphs
  • supporting quotes
  • boilerplate (precise description of your restaurant or company)

Atlas also has a policy of referencing previous releases in current releases, to reiterate significant news and to build a news cycle. We recommend embedding all press releases with social media tools for bookmarking emailing, posting and printing, and we recommend search engine optimizing (SEO) your releases – we can help you get this done. Beyond press releases, Atlas will help you develop a multi-media newsroom on your website and create and maintain a blog (where appropriate).