Media Strategy

We prepare specific distribution lists comprising relevant industry, local, regional and national media. We believe in casting a wide net, and we look for any angle that might garner coverage – we believe in flushing every corner. We reach out to each source individually, in an attempt to build relationships with bloggers, critics, journalists and other writers – we do not send blast emails. We review and revise your distribution list prior to every release. We only distribute press releases on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Our Crisis Communications

Crisis PR from AtlasThe best approach to any crisis is immediacy and honesty: whatever accidents transpire, you must communicate with your customers and with the general public – this means a press release (disseminated to the media and to your customers via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.), blog posts and management’s availability to journalists and customers.

Our crisis PR approach boils down to two simple messages:

– We are doing everything it can to rectify the situation, compensate for damages, etc.

– We now have revised processes and procedures in place to make sure the situation is contained and will not happen again.

Conveying these messages demonstrates transparency and a willingness on the part of your company or organization to take responsibility, which ultimately leads to greater trust in your brand.