Atlas Academic

Atlas Academic is a new offering from Atlas for English-speaking Cypriot high school (lyceum) students intending to study in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK and the USA. With Brexit looming and American universities demanding more and more of applicants, Atlas Academic provides the following services:

  • Completion of university applications
  • Essays
  • Practice interviews

We pay particular attention to the application essay, which we can help you take from inception to completion.
We also offer university students and graduate students editing and proofreading services for papers, proposals, theses and dissertations.

Our Process

We sit down with you and discuss your experiences and your goals, which university(ies) you want to attend, what these applications require and what is expected on the essay. We then help you complete your application (s) and craft an original, impeccable essay which we believe will help you stand out from other applicants. We work through multiple drafts until you, and we, are satisfied.

Our practice interviews are simply practice interviews. We research your university of choice and find out what topics will be covered in the interview. We then sit down with you for an actual interview, during which we provide coaching and suggestions.

Editing and Proofreading Services

Our editing and proofreading services can be provided remotely to students in any English-language academic program worldwide. We are outstanding writers and editors and deadline-obsessed. We can take on work in any subject of any length as long as it’s written in English – we also work with a number of translators if you need to translate from Greek to English.

Our Promise

We can’t guarantee you’ll be admitted to your university of choice, but we can guarantee you we can improve the quality of your entire application, essay(s) included, and that we can do so for a fair price and prior to your application deadline.

Our Pedigree

Our team comprises native English speakers from the UK and the USA.

Andrew James is a published author and marketing professional and a certified ESL teacher. He is currently studying Mandarin and working on a book about planned cities and a collection of short fiction.

David Porter has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. He taught undergraduate Creative Writing at San Francisco State University and has edited numerous books and articles, as well as publishing his own creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry and essays.

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