Atlas Is Communications

Atlas is a full service international corporate communications consultancy: our expertise encompasses public relations and marketing communications of the highest quality built on a foundation of peerless written content. We believe a bespoke, diligently-pursued, long-term creative communications strategy is a map to measurable business growth and brand differentiation. We’ll help you build this map, and we’ll help you follow it. Our goal is to put together an integrated strategy that hoists you above your competition and keeps you there. Our team has more than 20 years’ combined experience. We are craftsmen. And enthusiasts.

Even in an age dominated by the Internet, we still believe in producing written work of the highest quality, regardless of how widely and how quickly it is disseminated. We help you convey your messages with elegance, precision and strength: we bring these messages to as large and relevant an audience as possible, and we do it with respect for that audience’s sophistication.

Our Mission

To help our clients craft clear, effective written communications that convey their messages with elegance, precision and strength; to bring these messages to as large and relevant an audience as possible with creativity and integrity; to provide every one of our clients with outstanding work on deadline at fair rates. We never forget we are building our reputation as we help you build yours. We are willing to do the heavy lifting.

Our Core Competencies

  • Annual Reports
  • Advertising Copy
  • Brochures + Manuals
  • Brand Positioning
  • Bylined Articles + Case Studies
  • Communications Strategy
  • Crisis Communications
  • Digital Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Media Relations and Marketing
  • Presentations + Speeches
  • Press Releases
  • Reputation Management
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Technical Writing
  • Website Text (including blogs)

Our Industry Experience

  • Aviation
  • Capital Markets (USA)
  • Education
  • Food & Beverage
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Government & NGOs
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Shipping
  • Software
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel & Hospitality

Our Promise

Communications is an inexact science: there’s always some luck involved. As a communications consultancy, we can’t create luck, but we do everything we can to create the circumstances and environment in which it might take root and blossom. We’ll work hard on your behalf, but we won’t promise you results – doing so would compromise our integrity and insult your intelligence. We promise to listen. We promise our best, most creative, most careful effort. We promise to be dogged. We promise the highest quality work we can deliver, and we promise to get it out the door.